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You Go Girl’s mission is simple; Encourage, Empower, and Inspire. A lot of weight is attributed to these simple words and we know it isn’t easy to ensure girls and women always feel encouraged, empowered, and inspired BUT that won’t dare stop us from trying. Our vision is to end the cycle of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Today’s girls are wrestling with confidence, body image, identity, and fitting in, all while social media takes bullying to new extremes. Their low self-esteem results in bullying, suicidal thoughts and actions, unhealthy relationships, addiction, and more. By creating unique experiences that amplify our founding pillars, we create a safe environments for girls and women to learn, grow, love, and accept themselves and especially others.

What started out as an effort by a mother to empower a young girl to stand up against bullying has led to a movement and an organization that is devoted to building up all girls and women.

We live in a society where Suicide ranks as the number one cause of mortality in young girls between the ages of 15 and 19 years globally. The “ ME TOO” movement has become a trending topic uncovering many who have been the victim of sexual assault. Bullying is invading schools and workplaces across the country. There is a problem.

You GO Girl takes an approach that seeks to build up our girls and young women from the inside. We are creating fearless females who will live their life with passion and without hesitation.

You Go Girl is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. We gladly welcome partnership with any organization or individual that supports girls and women.
Since our beginning, we are grateful to have raised enough funds and resources to serve nearly hundreds of girls and women. We want you to be part of this journey too. Consider giving today.

What Folks Are Saying

Here are a few comments we have over the years. We love hearing from our community. 

What a great SUMMIT! I had the pleasure of speaking to young girls and women about my journey to the crown and the power of perseverance of NEVER GIVING UP on your dreams!!! Thank you Rachel Fox for allowing me to inspire others to chase after their dreams!

Anna Peters

Mrs. Nebraska 2018

What a neat experience to speak to the young women and girls at the You Go Girl Summit. So impressed by Rachel Fox for pulling it all together, and very excited to see what these girls accomplish as Senators in the Unicameral! #yougogirlsummit #neleg

Senator Sara Howard

Nebraska State Legislature

Excellent turnout and amazing words of wisdom from some of our community’s best. Wonderful job, Rachel Fox and the You Go Girl team!

Lashonna Dorsey

Business Consultant & Community Leader

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