As a reminder, unfortunately we can only invite people 18 years of age and older to be penpals, for the safety of our incarcerated members. If you are an ally under 18, you won't be able to submit this form, but please check out other options here!
Please give the software a moment to load. Try typing your new pen-pal's B&P Member Number, or their name. You can select several penpals at once, but we recommend that you choose 1 to 3 penpals to start to make sure that you're able to get in the groove of writing each penpal consistently.
Please click "Submit" only once; it will say "PenPal Request Received".
  • You will receive an email from confirming your request.
  • If approved, you will receive a second email from with your penpals' addresses!
  • If you don't see an email -- please check your spam filter!!!
    Thanks again for being a PenPal!
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